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SHOWERS on TiMe……….!!!

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!

-Google search :p

Well,howdy people…

(Thats the only line that I had drafted 5 years ago! Yes, I am writing this once since past 5 years and now I feel somethings in my writing style outdated like alternate capital letters in the title but I let it remain as it is since that was done by a younger and a lighter me :D).

Back to the topic. Showers on Time. At they really on time? I beg to disagree.

The weather forecasts told us that monsoon winds would approach Mumbai on 1st of June, which were later postponed to 7-8th of June.  It did rain on 8th of June but not enough even to wash the dust from the roads. They just worsened the situation by releasing the heat absorbed by the environment making it all the more hot. No matter how well we advance in the fields of science and technology, Nature keeps telling us that we cannot predict her mood no matter what! thats why we address nature using feminine words.

It did finally rain on 19th June, But only in the southern part of Mumbai.(Lucky SoBos, always getting the best things first).  But these rains just ended up creating more issues for the ‘middle class’ living in the suburbs, who commute by trains and work for the SoBos. Utter sadness.

Now we all know the reason for this delay, we call it ‘Global Warming’ in short. Our Constant desire to pollute the environment has disturbed the watercycle and other processes deeply. Earlier we used to have rains in the June, Followed by the winter in Mid-October which lasted till January and then a Bright shining Sun from February till may end.

Now what do we have? A chilled January. Rains in February. Heat, a lot of it till July. A bit of Rains till august. Again a lot of heat with occasional Rains till October followed by heat again. Rains in November again and a neutral climate in the December.

Why do we call it the Global Warming in the first place? We should call it Global Heating or ‘Microwaving Earth‘ or something on these lines. 420/Cars per kilometre in Mumbai? I think its better to Smoke cigarettes and die instead of inhaling the fumes of vehicles and dying out of some stupid cancer.

Global warming even on Domestic levels is real bad. You have your Tv, Phone Laptops, Refrigerator WiFi routers, running almost all the time and the amount of heat generated in the house cannot be cooled by an air conditioner even at an optimum level. In my area, a monkey who could not near the heat jumped and cooled himself off in a

Rains. How Important are they to me?

Firstly the onset of rains releases a wet muddy smell from the ground which is more than refreshing and touches the deepest nerves in your brains. We all love that smell, dont we?

Then is the cool wet breeze when it rains, an attempt of the clouds to cover as much area as possible. They are just in distributing the rain to all, sometimes forcefully as well! Have you tried to remain dry and still go out in the rains for that matter? I am sure you must have! No matter how hard you try to protect yourself ( Raincoat, umbrella, etc) you will still get wet. That is the beauty of rain.

At the beginning, you might find your vehicles getting dirtier as the dust from the trees and the buildings is washed down on your vehicles, but as the rains ascend, your vehicles also take part in the Celebrations of the Nature. Creations of puddles, wet mud, children happily playing football in the rains or just having fun, Animals having a pleased expressions on their faces especially the stray dogs who have survived the heat on the melting roads, Wet and swaying trees which come to life, as if the rains whisper back their souls into them.

All this makes me happy, these maybe the small things but I treasure them for the fear of losing their sight in the coming few years. We might be able to artificially seed in the clouds and make rain happen but since its quite expensive, that will also go only to the rich, sadly.

On the contrary, I dont like getting wet in the rains because I have tried keeping my self dry but always failed.  On the brighter side, I used to go for hiking on the mountains in the rains to get the glimpse of the nature’s celebration, and I tell you, Its a must watch! The lush green forest with each and every tree in it swaying at a rhythm, the animals singing to a tune matching this rhythm with the streams giving it an auto-tune far better than any human can give to a song. What makes this nature’s song complete is the occasional light and sound show by the thundering skies. Its so beautiful that my mere words cannot describe it completely. All your six senses are immersed in this celebrations absorbing each and every tiny detail.

Sometimes I do feel adventurous riding a bike in the rains at a good speed, but then Its just a risk worth not taking over and again. A drive in the car is preferred though and much pleasing, or just sitting by your window munching on hot pakoras and hot tea looking over the world below in the rain, I can do it all day provided it rains all day. Oh yes, and then there is whiskey which makes you forget everything else :p

I am sure you miss the rains as much as myself, I’d request you to join me in my prayers to the higher energies above us so that it rains, and it rains soon and a lot as well. I believe that clouds would bring us rains only if we really want them. We, the people in Mumbai dont want so since it disrupts or disturbs their day to day life in some or the other sort. This is so selfish of us, isnt it?

You can say I am ‘Stitious‘, not superstitious though :p

Sometimes you Win, Sometimes lose.

But sometimes, it just Rains!

Google search again :p