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The Interesting Part (Blitzzz!!)

Congratulations folks for taking the clan at Level ! This post is the continuation for the earlier one and is quite long. Its best viewed on a pc or a laptop.

I would also like to apologize for 2 months delay as I was caught up between two exams.

Hope you enjoy this post.


After 100 war wins, it was time for us to look for a feeder clan. A feeder clan trains the low level townhall players. Once these players are ready for high level wars, players are transferred from feeder to the parent clan.

I was keen to get a feeder clan but going through all the troubles of a new clan was pretty bothersome. I wanted a dead clan with enough stats on their homepage to lure in new players. Well,We found one!

MDworld. A clan made by a secondary school teacher who also taught in private tutions. Ravi and Primus were a part of this clan while in Blitzzz and after. To run his clan, Maverick Maddy(MD) used to threaten his students with the homeworks, punishments and test scores.

Anything which has been started on the grounds of threat and oppression never lasts, same thing happened with MD. Clan worked well during the academic year when his students used to attend the class, once the portion got over, the threat was over and players began to leave.

Blitzzz sent their core team,Skuller, Moriarty, Me( DxA) joined the clan. MD made me the leader, We got 12 war wins for a dead clan, MDworld was live again. We had taken over a Clan.
When MD saw this, he thought that the clan is now running again and that he can handle it by himself.

He asked for the leadership again, I gave it to him and we all quit. His clan fell dead again, he kept calling me back, apologized for his deed, offered me leadership again but There was no looking back.

When we came back, Blitzzz had gone off track, GodsOfWar played occasionally, there was a need for players. DON stepped down and made me the leader since he was busy with his college.

Recently MD had joined our clan with the intention to save his clan. He messaged me personally saying that I was right, right about the fact that his clan would end in March, the time when academic year ends.

He thought by doing this , we would take over, send our players there and his work would be done again but he was wrong. Instead he was showed the door politely, our players also abused him for playing so poorly, a highly rushed th9 with troops of th7. A hopeless player.

After returning from MDworld, sumit dada fell silent, he lost his phone, his account taken over by his building friends who made a Clan named arihant.


1.Friends India


a Clan made after breaking BLITZZZ. I must say they did well, crossed a 100 wins very quickly, they recruited international players like Evan who played like GodsOfWar or maybe better than him now.

Horror devil who started the clan had to step down because the clan was filled with Hacking clash’s friends. Suyog was the leader but majority supported Hacking. He is a good player but with skills follow ego. Clan success filled him with pride, he started making mockery of the clan elders Suyog and Horror devil. Horror devil could not attack once due to his business and was kicked by Hacking Clash!
Imagine you starting something, others following you and you are the one who gets kicked in course of time. It’s a very bad feeling. Similar to Steve jobs getting kicked from Apple, which he started.

Blitzzz welcomed Horror devil warmly. Suyog and Sameer followed but Sameer went back due to the war breaks.

Sameer although gave the reason that Hacking Clash forcefully made him quit and join his clan which I find baseless.

As for Ravi who caused all the trouble, he started his building clan named C.H.A.O.S. primus joined, they had multiple accounts. Still the clan struggles to survive. There was no point in the existence of friends India if this had to happen. Everyone regrets this now.

Current Status: Friends India is now run by Hacking clash and his friends, They are good at the game but they have a lot of built up ego along with them which is not good.

2.MD World

Its not a real competitor to the clan, but to me. Maverick Maddy always wanted to be ME in the game. His war stars matches with mine.His Townhall level matches mine. His clan running style matches ours. How? That’s a completely different story.

Maverick Maddy never understood the basics of the game well, all he wanted to do is Boss over a couple of players who are his students. I might have mentioned earlier how he used to threaten his students if they didn’t join his clan, Award them less marks in test, treat them badly in his coaching class etc etc.

To match my war starts, Maverick maddy who used to be ranked in top 3 for the war would end up attacking the lowest most bases in the wars to get more war stars. Brilliant Strategy I must say for selfish gains though. When he was there in our clan for a couple of wars, we saw him doing that.

Townhall level matches mine because of obvious reasons : Competition. When I went from TH8 to TH9, He too did the same, although his base is not even TH7 maxed. Now we all know what harm can a rusher do in the wars.Screenshot_20160609-144941

When Blitzz Core Visited MD world for 10 wars, He learnt things from us, how to run a clan, how to use the clan mail, Motivate/Teach other players and stuff…

Even the #HMDW which stands for Hail MD World was coined by us for them on the grounds of #HB Hail Blitzzz.


No creativity I must say.

3. Tirash Rash

Tirash Rash is where Don, Skuller and Monit started from. They learnt the game from there and once I joined the game, We started a new clan.

The basic reason why we consider this clan as a competitor is very natural, Child has to be better than the parent, Darwin’s law of evolution! This also means that one day Friends India would be better than us. We have to be ready for it or make sure that we always have the lead.

We are real close to get past Tirash Rash.



That’s us. Buckle up People!!

The Hilarous:

1.Nikhil Mehta

Player named Nikhil Mehta tops this list. He was some guy claimed to be from United States. He played quite well and was highly active so we promoted him to Co-Leader of the clan. Although he had a low level townhall.

Once he was a Co-Leader, his pride grew by leaps and bounds. He started fighting with the Members of the clan, Kicked a few and ultimately we kicked him.

He was long forgotten untill we rolled out our Clan Email, ‘’.

We added this email address in our clan Info since our clan is always closed. If a player is looking to join us, one needs to send us an email, we check the profile of the player, send him all the rules to which he has to agree and only then we allow the player in the clan.
If you have not tried emailing to clan, you should give it a try once, we have set up a swanky responder which acknowledges the receipt of your email to us in a quite professional manner.

Coming back to Nikhil Mehta, he used to keep a track of the clan progress
Once he got our email, he started sending messages which are quite hilarious. He kept spamming us for sometime, asking questions like why some players left and stuff. I was fed up of his emails, so had to reply him pretty rudely which you might find funny. Here are the screenshots of the conversation :Screenshot_20160609-155649Screenshot_20160609-155910Screenshot_20160609-160027Screenshot_20160609-160103Screenshot_20160609-160128Screenshot_20160609-160156Screenshot_20160609-160347Screenshot_20160609-160411Screenshot_20160609-160454Screenshot_20160609-160459Screenshot_20160609-160634

2. Veer.

Veer was another nut who came into the clan via his friends ( I am still confused who his friends are or who knows him). All I know is he is a friend of Nabhya, is in class 10 with a lot of issues, Smokes Goldflake with Nabhya again and…well, see the screen shots for judge him by yourself :p


Now If you  read the screen shots carefully, you would realize that this nut sounds quite suicidal. Monit and I were worried for the same, I was already in some deep trouble, didn’t want another one to add on.

So we let him in the clan but we used to rag him a lot, especially Majin and Eminem. He used to get angry and we used to get entertained.


Everything that we did and everything written under this line had a purpose, please do not misjudge or hate us after reading this!

It was important for us to secure the Wars. When we  started the clan, we used to recruit from global chat. Now the Players used to abandon the clan Midway in wars and this affected our war wins.

The Core players decided that each one of these core players would have 2 accounts each which was accepted unanimously.

This made sure that we have a minimum of 10 ready players at any given point of time to start and win a war, we wanted to be independent of strangers then.

Skuller made an account named skuller2 just before he quit the game.

Monit acquired Mithun once Mithun quit the game, Players didn’t know that Mithun was Monit in the game. Mithun was used for donations and a few wars.

Moriarty was none other than DON himself, Moriarty is a TH8 townhall now and has done a remarkable work at the lower end. Moriarty is solely controlled by DON.

One of our friends ‘Parth’ kept  telling us that he is also in the  game with an account named ‘Moriarty’ and that he is on an extremely high level. DON took this opportunity up and started the account named Moriarty.

Monit was smart enough to figure out that its DON who  is running Moriarty under parth’s name, Although DON fooled for quite sometime. I kept believing that its parth.

Majin Vegeta was started by me when DON started Moriarty. Although Majin was a shared account since it was created on the Clan email. It was mostly run by me.

All the trouble, abuses that Majin Vegeta used to shower on his players was for a reason. As DxA, I couldn’t have shown the Players their true places or made them sit in their respective seats who tried flying and fluttering around. Eg. Veer, he was a major reason why I had to come up with Majin Vegeta. Veer had an ego and didn’t respect other players most of the time. With Majin, it became a lot easier to shut him down. there were times when Veer wanted Majin to be kicked out but the clan unanimously stood by Majin, Thanks for the support guys.

The truth about Majin was known by Don, Monit, Skuller and vikipi. Now you also know this open secret.

Also we used, Majin, Moriarty,skuller 2 in MD world for support, Keeping two accounts also helps us to keep an eye on two clans at a time.

Majin was used to learn how other clans were run. We sent Majin as blitzzz in an American clan named ‘the #1’. This clan is a family clan with the leader, a 40 year old gamer, his mother, girlfriend, kids, aunts everyone in the same clan.

They purchase gems weekly like we purchase groceries, they have great troops and bases but fail to convert war wins.WhatsApp-Image-20160609

We used Majin as a space pod learning different clans and also to donate to us quickly when no one else is online especially in the middle of the nights.

Final Statement

After a run of 2 years, we have learnt a lot of things from this game, made a lot of good friends and had an awesome time.

We also had players who just passed out from their 10th standards and they have done remarkably well as they have done in the game. Jeet, Sanyam, Dhir… good job guys. You have once again proved that gamers can successfully chase any challenge.

As the game got new updates, It became more and more uninteresting. It has reached the saturation level of  itself and we need to move on to something else now.

I am myself finding it very difficult to keep playing it now, thus the torch of this clan is being slowly passed to others.

If you are reading this and if you are a part of this clan, prove yourself worthy enough to lead the clan, and you shall be rewarded.

Signing off for now,

Keep clashing


Hail Blitzzz