200th War Win for Blitzzz!


Congratulations Brothers on our 200th war win!! I am really happy and excited that we achieved a milestone which is quite rare for a clan in this game. If you are reading this, and you are a member of this clan, you have played an important role in this success story.

Since the inception of this clan 22 months ago, I have been active and now I seek a vacation from this game. I am stepping down from my duties and dividing it amongst you all. Though there won’t be any changes in the position I hold, just that I am just a titular head now. It’s upon you guys to take it to 300 war wins. Don did it in a year, I did it in 10 months, let’s hope we reach her earlier than before.

Congratulations once again, this is the clan mail that wouldn’t fit in the game mail so I am posting this here.

Following is the journey to the 200 war wins in detail and is a lengthy abstract. Read only if you have time ( from clashing). This would consume 10-15 Minutes of your life if you really want a quick flashback from DON and DxA’s view for Blitzzz. (Some secrets spilled out too!!)

This is the first part, second part would be published only on demand.

Inception(the beginning).

Don, skuller and Monit started playing Clash of clans in early 2014. I was aware of the game but didn’t have a smartphone which supported this game. The trio were in a Lebanese clan named TirashRash which still exists, although we are not too far behind of them.They are at 228 war wins.(Do the math, we have a way to go!)

Since they were accustomed to the Game well before us, they managed to learn a few tricks of the game like the dragon attack or not rushing the town hall. Skuller learnt it the hard way by rushing his townhall directly to townhall 7 so that he gets the dragons, but he had to pay a huge price for it.

Monit always struggled at the game, was thrown out if Tirash Rash since he was unable to perform( he still doesn’t perform though :p). He was banished from the clan Kingdom408( 280 war wins, series of feeder clans under its wings). Now has quit the game. Looking at the behavior of the clan, DON had thought of starting our own clan, but three people don’t make a clan.

In June, I finally got a smartphone ( My Mom got one). On June 11th 2014, Don created a Clan Blitzzz with 4 members in it. You might have noticed that my ingame name is DxA@Blitz and there are two z’s short in it. The reason for this is Our clan was supposed to be ‘Blitz’, but there were too many clans with that NE and the concept of clan tag was not introduced then so to avoid the confusion and making it easy for us to find the clan, Don made it Blitzzz.
Smart DON.


I would call this to be a rough road, recruitment is not easy. Why would someone join your newly started clan? Instead just start ones own new clan rather than joining and following a new leader.

We began with recruiting random members from around the globe.We were just recruiting anyone to achieve the minimum number of members required for The First Clan War to commence.It was tough managing wars as timezones differed for the members in a clan.

After a few wars, we assembled a steady war team ,there were people always leaving but it didnt matter much, figures of attrition were under control.

One fine evening we promoted a member(foreign player) to the post of co-leader as we felt he deserved it.However, this player promoted his friend named Poseidon to co-leader and this notorious guy kicked everyone from the clan Reducing us to just Blitz(Monit, DxA, skuller and DON).

We were shocked and angry when we realised what had actually occured only by the following morning.We couldnt invite those players back as the clan-chat in clash of clans was our only mode of communication.

Then we decided that we will recruit only Indians and those people we know followed by making strict promotional rules. We also got everyone;s contact numbers to create a group on whatsapp. We safeguarded the clan after burning our hands.

DoN got his college friend to join the clan- Warlord.

I had spread the word in my neighborhood, Horror devil, Suyog, Ravi, Adhyayan, Hacking Clash and Sameer started the game since it was a word of mouth kind of thing to them and the idea of playing as a team was quite powerful enough. Everyone hooked quickly and joined Blitzzz. Everytime we met, we heard the Supercell theme(ascending piano keys) from each other’s cell phones. I shut my Music and Sfx :p

Suyog brought in Sagar, his college friend.Sagar brought in prithvi.

I also had to recruit from global chat. My first good recruit was ‘ Tariz, the titan’. He was a nice little chap from United kingdom. I had literally upsold Blitzzz to him. This guy had spent 40,000 gold and started a new clan of his own for which he was recruiting on Global. I convinced him to join our clan and grow together.

(This is the carrot that I usually offer on global) :p. It took me 40 minutes to convince this guy but he finally joined the clan.

Along with Tariz, came his cousins. I remember just the notorious one named Raven. I’ll mention about him later in this post.

Warlord got zeptec and his cousin staying in Bhandup to play this game. Sumit Dada came to the game along with his building mates. Sanyam is one of those who is still in the clan and is doing really well.

That reminds me, Sanyam is promoted to a Co-leaders post for his achievements in wars and donations.

We also have one a star player who was searching for Indian clans. He found Blitzzz open and he joined it. Jeet007 whose consistency is unparalled since th6. With him came along his classmates Jay,tanvir, dhananjay,dhir, Eminem, veer and his brother CR7Om.

Cr7Om also has is own clan named ‘We friends’.

Monit’s classmates GodsOfWar joined the clan. After a long time Shubham(Goku), Rtz,and rishi joined. GodsofWar and zeptec are the notable players here. Widow maker was a dynamic addition who heard about us from GodsOfWar. Widowmaker is a strong contender of the title ‘The Clan Legend’ which was formerly upheld by GodsOfWar.

Also Monit’s building mates Mithun and harsh were in the clan for a brief moment, but things unfortunately didn’t work out before he rejoined the clan.

In 2015, when I went to my native place, I casually asked my brother Vikipi if he played the game to which he responded positively. I invited him to join us and after a week he did join us along with his cavalry. The rest left but he is still with us going strong helping me make my decisions.

The Journey:

If I had to use a graph to represent our journey with time and success on x and y axis respectively, we would get a rising slope steady with time for first 6 months followed by a peak for 18 months and then the down fall till now.

I am not saying that we are performing poorly, although the last few updates have screwed up the game pretty bad with it becoming difficult to get a decent loot easily.

Also Clash Royale made us realize that supercell and others like them would keep getting new games and change the rules and gameplay to benefit them in the long run. Updates and changes are not always good.

The first year, under DON’s leadership we built a steady clan with permanent members. Don gave his 100% and it was a real fun game with we discussing wars, attacks donations and upgrades. Warlord and DON quickly became the best townhall for a war while the rest followed on.

Leaders used to get strategies from top players and it was a learning experience for all. Off course the bonding increased and we all became addicted to this game.

The Good.
Don, Warlord, sumit dada were the consistent players.

Don has the most stars in the clanwars as he has been in wars since war was introduced in clash of clans. He currently needs just one star to complete his 1000th War star achievement.

Then came along GodsOfWar who showed us that even a townhall 9 can be three starred. He is the clan legend and took the clan to the peak of its success

His friend Widowmaker, joined in a bit late but is as good as him. Currently he along with Jeet and Vikipi are the reasons of Blitzzz winning wars.

Sanyam and grimlock rose up from the ground level and now perform in wars. To be honest, Sanyam is a bit irritating due to his questioning behavior, I am fine with it cause he makes good use of the knowledge he gets by asking. His donations are good this season and leaders do feel his should be promoted.

Suyog and sagar were once the supporting pillars of Blitzzz. Suyog returned but sagar quit the game altogether. Horror devil, my back up in virtual and real worlds is always there around. He never quit liked the game but he played on because of me.

The Bad:

Starting from Raven, he got his hands on Tariz’s game and made him leave the clan. Raven started a new clan, progressed rapidly, kept coming in and out in the clan but was kicked regularly.

Mithun, always went for the loot in the wars, performance dull, abusive in nature and kinda useless.

When I kicked him, he was got in by his friends in the clan. He was in the war from and it war preparation time. He simply opened his base to get 3 starred by the enemy, abused and left. I Remember not talking to Monit for two days over this incident, after which we came to know it was harsh who got him in again.

You must be wondering why Mithun is in the bads while he did perform recently and was in the clan

Check the confessions part  in the next part for more info.

Ravi, my best friends younger brother, my younger brother , younger by 7 years.
Always wanted to go for loot, once warlord opposed and there was a huge fight in the clan. Result? He left the clan and started complaining about it to Suyog, Hacking Clash, Horror devil, Sameer( my area friends).

Things were getting bad, when I decided to help them start a new clan of their own, I did this by asking Horror devil to start one. He started Friends India, Suyog, Ravi,Sameer, Hacking Clash went along with him.

It was a really heart breaking act, from the insides, we were halved down in strength. I blames warlord for sometime for this. When there is a fall, you often want someone to blame. Warlord was that someone for me, although warlord was right and I was wrong.

Sagar did not leave the clan to be with his classmate Suyog, we still adore this fact. Warlord feared me leaving the clan and joining friends India because those were my area friends. Clash of clans at that point started the change in ‘your village name’ and I had asked if I should remove the ‘Blitz’ in my name. To which Warlord responded if I was going to friends India.

A childish behavior triggered these regrettable acts.

…Interesting Part in the Next part!!


Parth’s First Drive.

A motor driving school will just get you a driving license, not the driving skill.

Driving. Someone’s skill, someone’s tool for livelihood, someone’s passion. In my Friend’s circle, ‘Almost’ everyone knows to drive a car and ride a bike at the same time. Someone who was not a part of this ‘Almost'(until this afternoon) is my source and inspiration for the following piece of scribbled words today.

Parth Soni.

(I am sure you won’t like the idea for me mentioning about you here, although you are my only ticket to escape the writer’s block today.)

We know each other since Grade 4 of our school which was 14 years ago, passed out school with the same academic scores, Sagittarians. We share almost the same physical traits (he is an inch taller while I am an inch wider and a gram heavier: p).

The point which I want to make here is we are similar, just that he is sharper and lazier than me. Lazy because we (our group blitz) all got our driving licenses issued as soon as we completed 18 years of our age and he didn’t.
As for being sharper than us, the following would explain it in a better way for you to understand.

I had been asking Parth to get a driving license from the time I got mine, but kept forcing him from last May as that was when we acutely felt its need. It was in November 2015 when he finally agreed to get his, and the auspicious date to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) kept postponing itself due to various occasions (A family wedding, exams, job, birthdays…..)

Now, it’s a pretty tedious job to get a driving license today. You have to first visit the R.T.O website which is on maintenance break most of the times for getting an online appointment. If you manage to get through stage one of the process, you end up with a date which can be as late as 3 months just for the learner’s license. You can hasten the process by paying around 2-2.5 grands and get the learner’s license on the same day which is technically bribing the officials. Once you get the learner’s license, you cannot apply for permanent license in less than a month since 30 days have been given to you to practice with a registered driver guiding you through it. Also you have to pass a road signs quiz round which has multiple choices for you to answer. To pass this test you require 70% marks and there would be 20 road signs asked to you. Do the math yourself.

The Auspicious Day.
14th March 2016. I bunked college (A Professional at it) and Whatsapped Parth as soon as I woke up. Apparently he woke up 2 seconds after I messaged as a result of an annoying dream and I am not making this up, he dreamt about trying to ride my motorcycle and the annoying person was none other than me in his dream. I was yelling at him in his dream for riding my bike on half clutch which is quite nonsensical since I ride, pressing the clutch partially. Dreams are nonsensical and weird most of the times, refer to the movie ‘inside out’ for more details on how the dreams are made in your head!

I reached his place 45 minutes later. The first thing we did when we met was charge our phones. I had carried my power bank which we both shared. Once done, we left for the R.T.O which was a 15 minutes ride from Parth’s place. On our way we collected a road signs chart for Parth to pass the silly quiz.

Outside the R.T.O, we enquired about the online appointment procedure and the charges. Rates were exorbitant and stupid. If you want an appointment for 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler both, you need to pay up 200 rupees while only one out of them would cost you 100. There is no special or difficult procedure that has to be undergone by the agent in order to get you an appointment for both the types of vehicles, it’s just one extra box that they have to check while filling the form for which they are demanding 100 rupees more.

We managed to bargain with a young agent who had tied up with a lady sitting with an old fashioned desktop in an office opposite to the R.T.O. People who are equipped with technology do act a little weird and have an enormous ego. They feel there are somethings which only they can do and no one else in the vicinity. Although they know nothing, absolutely nothing.

This lady told us that it might take some time since the website was under a maintenance break and that if we were okay getting the appointment details in the evening. I was not happy with the delay since this was something I could have done myself on my laptop in no time without paying anything. After the confusion, she started filling in Parth’s details online but couldn’t get a drop down which didn’t allow her to proceed with the application. A technical glitch on which she spent almost 45 minutes with the application, called her techie who tried to solve the problem using team viewer, an application which can help someone access another’s Computer Via internet.

Finally, my patience ran out when I saw a vacant desktop next to her. I simply opened the website, managed to get the drop down she was looking for with a few clicks here and there. When I started using the desktop, she kept observing my activity with hatred in her eyes as if she was the only person around who was a computer literate. As soon as I got the solution for the technical glitch called ‘computer illiteracy’, she looked quite relieved with the hatred gone. Once we got our appointment and printouts, Parth did ask me to teach her to bypass the problem to which I answered that I wasn’t getting paid to teach, but she was.

He was quite amused and did suggest about we planning a startup about filling online forms and getting appointments to which I nodded.

We called back our friend Monit who had called us while we were on our way to R.T.O and decided our meeting point. He got his car giving a lame excuse of there being no fuel in his two wheeler. He does this sort of things which we call “His first world problems”. We decided to go to Aksa Beach on a drive. I was supposed to drop my Bike at my home and Parth wanted to drop his Original documents so we parted for a short while and then went on a drive together.
All along the drive Monit and I kept seeding the idea of driving in Parth’s mind, sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously which Parth would dismiss stating he would wait for his license to arrive.

The Final Act.
While driving back home, Monit and I kept thinking about places where Parth can drive freely without worrying about traffic, cops or anything a driver has to be careful about while driving other than the mechanics and working of the vehicle. I must say it is quite a task to find such a place in one of the most populated City suburbs of the country, but our sharper friend Parth gave the solution to our problem. The Place where we initially met today was called “Shady” by us because there was a time when that road was a dead end with lots of trees around. Present day, the road connects to Borivali Link road and extends till the city’s limit. But there is still this huge cricket ground where no one comes. We drove there since it was the best canvas for Parth to explore the ABC (Accelerate, Brake, and Clutch) of the vehicle without the fear of incoming traffic or pedestrians or potholes or the speed breakers on the road.

A vast open ground for a driver is like a blank clean canvas for an artist on which he can imprint his deepest imaginations quite clearly.

Soon enough, Parth was on the driver’s seat behind the wheel. Preparing himself all along like a batsman prior to his turn on the cricket pitch. Incidentally we were on a cricket ground. Our batsman on the crease, fastening his seat belt like a batsman checks his knee pads. Getting his hands on the steering wheel like a batsman taps his bat on the crease and you know he is ready when the sound of bat talking the ground reaches your ear drums. It was kind of dramatic and exciting. Monit sat next to Parth like his non striker partner, ready to instruct him so that he delivers. In the meanwhile I was lodged in the backseat with my cellphone ready to record the next set of events about to unfold before us. Monit and Parth didn’t realize that I was recording the event, which made sure the first actions and reactions were 100% natural.

Finally after knowing which is which and what is where, Parth ignited the engine, Shifted the gear from neutral to first gear, and did a perfect clutch to acceleration switch without stalling the vehicle. Parth had just hit his first ball for a six.

The Visuals!

I was astonished and I am sure Monit was too. For someone driving a car for the first time, a perfect Clutch to Acceleration shift is pretty unnatural. The car has to stall if the driver is driving for the first time. You are obeying all the laws of physics and human nervous system by stalling the vehicle while driving for the first time. Parth shattered all the laws.
My Brain was not ready to accept this and as a result commanded Parth to apply the brakes immediately. Asking Parth to apply the brakes immediately was an involuntary act done by me since I was confused. Things didn’t seem natural for me, Stalling the car was natural which wasn’t accomplished. So I asked him to stall the car, by simply asking him to step just on the brakes.

If you apply the brakes on car till it achieves a speed less than 5Km/Hr without you stepping on the clutch, the car would stall, the engine would drop dead and you would have to re-ignite it. Parth did as I told him to, the car stalled, Things became natural for me and I stepped out of the car to record the car being driven by him on the large ground.

Parth drove efficiently, circling the ground 5 times. We asked him to drive straight on the cricket pitches so that he knows how to drive straight in a single lane. He did that as well to our surprise. He was like Virat Kohli today on an open fire mode with his Bat smashing the ball left right and center. With his sharp and logical head coupled with perfect reflexes, he managed to win the day. He also managed to get the vehicle on a pitch in a reverse mode. To my sheer disappointment, I managed to stall the vehicle while demonstrating him a reverse mode of the vehicle. This is when I realized that driving is just my skill while it would be growing into Parth’s passion in no time.

Finally after the driving session, we charged ourselves with some snacks and tea. Monit then drove to Parth’s place first to drop him.
Parth said to Monit that he had a great time today and that he truly enjoyed driving before getting off. I too had to get off so that I can occupy the seat next to monit which had just been vacated by Parth. Parth told me the same thing which be told Monit before getting off and added a Thank-you to it to which I replied, “Yeah, Fuck-Off with your thank-you.” He never has to thank us for anything, and never will we.

When we left Parth’s place Monit and I did discuss his “Thank-you” for a brief moment to which Monit said that, “It’s our duty to teach him driving, why would he thank us for that?” Words of wisdom from a child’s mouth was what I felt on hearing Monit’s statement to which I replied that we didn’t have a tough time teaching him. He already seemed to have had some training earlier which he actually didn’t.

I am sharing the link for the first video, do plug in your headphones to hear the hilarious conversation.Click here to watch the video!

Signing of for now, please do comment. I like talking. :p



Edit 1: I made too many grammatical mistakes earlier since I was writing at around 3am last night. Apologies for the same.

A fake uprising.

There is no such thing as a bad publicity

Since past few days, the JNU case is all over the Indian media. A JNU student who is the leader of All India Student Federation Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar revolted against the death sentence of Afzal Guru, hence protesting against the highest court of India, the Supreme Court.

This is indeed a serious issue since the whole of India’s foundation of its system was challenged to be in shackles of corruption.

My take on this whole issue is posted below:

Someone asked me if Kanhaiya Kumar is acting as a decoy just like kejriwaal for Congress to split votes.

He would be definitely acting as a decoy favouring the Congress and especially the Great Gandhi Parivar.

Before the JNU issue, if you remember, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi were having a trouble with the National Herald Newspaper case. They were charged with treason and the case is still underway.

While all the spotlights were on Gandhis, Kanhaiya Kumar walks in as a cool JNU student pursuing a PhD in African studies, its communitarian problems, slavery etc etc. 

It might have been a perfect PhD project to raise his voice against the Supreme Court of India( Since Afzal was convicted by Supreme Court) stating there is no freedom in India.

Kanhaiya Kumar by doing this proved an angel in disguise to the Gandhi’s, he also was charged with treason and sedition. The case being under way.

 The youth of this nation IS A strong force but can be easily lured into something which is not right and this is very dangerous.

What’s the impact of all this?

JNU students might face difficulties to get jobs since Kanhaiya Kumar and his puny team from the campus are representing the whole of JNU. Even if 95% students in JNU don’t support Kanhaiya Kumar, they would be dragged in to this mess and their future would have an impact. BJP who is doing an excellent job being the government ( compared to the Gandhi government in last 2 terms) would face a challenge getting elected again as the votes would be scattered just like it did when AAP came in power. Possibility of a major revolt which might break the nation. yes , that’s the worst case scenario.There are many other impacts which I might have not grasped yet but definitely there are always multiple angles to any political agenda/action.
Kanhaiya Kumar does have backing from strong people. While else do you thing would fund a good lawyer for him and the bail amount of 10,000 who is not from a well to do family?

There are political parties like CPI from Bengal offering him a seat. This action is obviously under CPI’s favour to gain some visibility and they are well aware Kanhaiya would refuse the offer.

Kanhaiya Kumar needs to be wise enough to make his decision and not end up like kejru who is now a floor mat at the Gandhi doorstep. Joining Politics is now his only way of survival and he always wanted to do this.(Political Science Grad).

He just got a grand debut for himself with JNU row. In politics, you get a successful opening by a controversy and politicians don’t recognize something as a bad publicity.

Other way round: Let’s for 1 minute  just believe what Kanhaiya Kumar is saying is true.
According to him, Supreme Court was manipulated to deliver an unjust judgement.
The government in power responsible for this was Congress. I do not say that it’s Congress and not the supreme Court’s fault.

Whosever fault it is, you cannot simply hold a nation wide protest stating this is wrong, it would impact in the breaking of the largest democracy in smaller nations like USSR.

People are waiting for this to happen so that they can accomplish things pending for over a long time now.

There is a more subtle way to express yourself, in such cases you just need to act quietly.

If the world knows there is no unity within our nation, we would be exploited once again by a foreigner like the British who took advantage of our divided mess.

United we stand, divided we fall…-Pink floyd-Hey you.

By the way, the British rule reminded me of an English guy whom I met on an online gaming chat room, I battered his pride of ruling us to ground.


Please do comment below, I would like to have a healthy discussion on this issue.

Next post from my end would be posted in 2020! 😂

My First Car!

‘The future for me is already a thing of the past -You were my first love and you will be my last’-Bob Dylan

Hey there, I am back once again to blogging after a really very long break. I feel like I have lost my creativity and have exhausted my vocabulary stock! Till now, my auto-correct option has corrected 5 words I used above!(That’s really pathetic!) But I am quite sure that things come back to me as soon as I touch my pen to the paper!
I have a very interesting tale to tell! So without much I do,( I know I have already done enough) I beginn!( Haven’t I used “I” a lot of times? Not good,signs of selfishness :D)

maruti-800_1“My first car”! What comes across your mind when your eyes go through those three words!? Pleasant memories!? If you smile sweetly reading those three words, then yes, they are definitely your pleasant memories! But if you first wince a little, then start laughing and then all of a sudden your mood changes completely, you have some really emotional and crazy stuff attached to those three words!

I belong to the latter class of people mentioned above!
When I was 14 years old(that is in 9th grade) mom and dad were keen on getting a vehicle for themselves! Dad did not know driving so first he underwent a 30 day driving course at the local motor training school and acquired his LMV(light motor vehicle) driving license. In diwali, one of my cousins helped dad buy a used white coloured maruti-suzuki 800 and delivered it to our place. We were so very excited at the beginning that we finally got a car for ourselves. It still remains a big achievement to buy and maintain a 4-wheeler for the middle class people of our country.
I don’t exactly remember for how many days did dad exactly drove the vehicle for! Most of the times it used to be parked 8 floors below our flat! Dad used to stay at office for almost the entire day, so no chance of making use of his driving license and his vehicle! His office was in town and we reside in suburb so no question of taking the vehicle to office,trains are the best bet! Mom was not interested in making her license and driving, nor did anyone encourage her for the same( Men do dread lady-drivers, what cooking is for men, driving is for women even though some men excel in cooking and a very very very few women excel in driving :p ) I was not at all in the picture as I was just 14 and a 3/4th of a year while 18 years of age is required to apply for driving! But I could not see our vehicle being neglected so badly!
Since my parents used to be at work the whole day, I used to be at home with my granny. I started taking the keys of the vehicle without anyone knowing about it and used to sit inside it listening to music or involved in my deep thoughts or sometimes doing completely nothing. I did this for almost 10 days and this became a routine. Soon I was bored of it and wanted to do something else. So I started cleaning the interior of my car. I did this for a week. Then there was absolutely no dust for me to clean so again i resumed my routine of simply sitting in the vehicle. I wanted to drive the vehicle real bad, but it was illegal, plus my parents won’t agree to it and I was too scared to disobey them. For the next four days, I gathered some courage, referred youtube for hours on driving and then finally when I gathered enough courage, I hit the iron hard since it was hot!
I ignited the engine! Quite too scared to hear the engine roar so I quickly shut it down before anyone could spot me! Then quietly sat there thinking if I should go for it or no! Is it right or wrong and stuff like that. Finally letting fate to decide somethings, I ignited the engine again, shifted the gear from neutral position to 1st and slowly released the clutch allowing the vehicle out of the parking spot. But since I had no idea of timing the clutch and accelerator, I left the clutch and before I could accelerate the vehicle stalled with a loud jerk! I was too nervous to think about anything else, so I quickly put the gear in the reverse position, ignited the engine and hurriedly brought the vehicle back to its initial position, the parking space! I locked the vehicle and rushed back home. To my surprise, I didn’t notice when I was in a timid state that I had parked the vehicle pretty well, my clutch to accelerator timing was perfect and I didn’t stall the vehicle this time. I realized all this only the next day when I recollected the events that took place on day 1. The thought that I did well boosted my confidence ultimately resulting in a day 2.
I didnt even notice that it is 3am in the morning and i have to wake up in a few hours to do some household chores.
Signing out with a promise that i would continue the tale. Till then, stay put!

The best state of the art vehicle is not responsible for an excellent journey, but the driver of the vehicle is..-Mukesh Prabhu

ek KAvita…

कोई दिवाना केहेता हैं,
कोई पागल समजता हैं,
मगर धरती की बेचैनी,
को बस बदल समजता हैं.
मैं तुझसे दूर कैसा हुं,
तू मुझसे दूर कैसी हैं,
येह तेरा दिल समझता हैं,
या मेरा दिल समजता हैं.
की मोहब्बत ऐक एह्सासोन,
की पावन सी काहानी हैं,
कभी कबीरआ  दिवाना था,
कभी मीरा दिवानी हैं.
याहान सब लोग केहेते हैं,
मेरी आन्खोन में आसू हैं,
जो तू समझे तोह मोती हैं,
जो न समझे तोह पानी हैं.
के भ्रमर कोई कुमुद्नी पार,
मचल बैठा तोह हुंगामा,
हमारे दिल में कोई ख्वाब,
पल बैठा तोह हंगामा,
अभी तक डूब कर सुनते थे,
सब किस्सा मोहब्बत का,
मैं किस्से को हक़ीकत में,
बदल बैठा तोह हंगामा.
समंदर पीर का अंदर हैं,
लेकीन रो नाही सकता.
येह आंसू प्यार का मोती हैं इसको खो नाही सकता.
मेरी चाहत को दुल्हन तू बना लेना मगर सून ले,
मेरी चाहत को तू अपना बना लेना मगर सून ले,
जो मेरा हो नाही पाया वोह तेरा हो नाही सकता.

Being the sole-witness to a Freak Accident…

All human plans [are] subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one preferred to call the powers behind the Universe.” 

You don’t witness an accident everyday unless you are the motorman of a train in India! Being the only one present at the spot of accident is scary.Something similar i  experienced last Wednesday.A detailed account of the same follows these words.

Early morning of last Wednesday,i was trying to wake myself up since 3am so that i could complete my physics journal and get it certified on time as the next day i had my practical exams,and without a certified journal no one in the physics lab would entertain me.After almost 12 snoozes of 10 minutes each,i finally woke up at 5am and without even brushing my teeth i rushed to my study.The great Indian Education System makes you do such things often!With this thought did i start scribbling in my journal,drew two axes on a graph to plot my readings.

Mom,by this time is usually awake.Surprised to find me out of the bed before her,she sat up in the bed wondering what was i doing without questioning.Suddenly,faint shrill noises could be heard by us from outside the window since the window being open and the freshly dawned morning being silent,things could be clearly heard.

It took around 15 seconds for my brain to register the cries.I was too much into my graphs.I ignored them as i thought that it might be those groups of hooligans speeding on their bikes. o the newly constructed road adjacent to our building.But the cries continued..

I turned towards mom,who by now was well awake and aware of  the noise audible.She had a question mark on her face and signaled towards the window.We rushed towards the window to see what we had never experienced on the road below our house.

My eyes showed me a girl in her late teenage years sporting a yellow top with a blue jeans and a bag pack.She was screaming at the top of her voice.We started wondering whats going on and why this female is screaming early morning?! Turning my gaze,i saw a young boy sitting in the middle of the road near the divider.That was even more confusing now and i started to lose my patience.Whatever i saw was not making sense until my eyes showed me the last and the bigger piece of the puzzle.

The girl paused her screaming for 5 seconds and bent down to a person lying on the road to shake him vigorously only to get no response from him.Now the picture was clear and all my doubts vanished.An accident had occurred early morning injuring a person seriously.

After 5 mins, a group of people (mostly joggers) gathered around the girl,someone ran towards the auto-rickshaw stand and directed the driver towards the spot.They lifted the man and put him the the auto and rushed him to the hospital.

All this while,i simply kept watching what was happening.I could have been of great help being the first witness but i didn’t dare to go to the injured man and offer my help.

  • Firstly,i had to complete my journal which was of utmost importance to me and our Education system doesn’t allow us to care about a dying man before our studies!
  • Secondly,i knew whatever i would get to see down would affect my entire day turning it futile and at this stage i cannot afford wastage of days.
  • Lastly,i didn’t want myself to get involved into a police case and get interrogated by them needlessly.

All the above reasons do summarize that i was a coward,and this feeling would haunt me for the rest of my life!

After the injured was rushed to the hospital,i gathered some courage to step down on the road to the accident spot.I was curious to know what exactly had happened but fortunately and unfortunately no one knew what had happened and how serious was the man injured.People had freshly gathered at the spot and had a blood-pool where the man lay earlier,a damaged kinetic Honda with two teen-aged boys in their custody.The boys were of 15 and 13 years of age respectively.They had borrowed the vehicle from their friend to drive without the fear of cops hauling them for driving without the licence.They were speeding because the roads were free of traffic and they had the roads for themselves.While doing so they failed to notice a newly constructed speed breaker and made the vehicle jump from the breaker curve.They lost their control over the vehicle and failed to apply breaks,after covering a distance of 60m with their out-of-control-vehicle they ultimately ramming it into the man killing him on the spot.YES,even before anyone of us could start praying for him,he breathed his last the very moment he met with the accident due to a serious injury to his head.One could easily make this out after seeing the person from the distance of 60m and at a height of 12m from the ground i.e. from my house window.

Thinking that the boys would be booked for rash driving,driving without licence and murder under the Indian Penal Code,sending them to juvenile homes and their parents facing trials and punishments on their behalf,i left the spot.

Whereas for the person who was killed was a 22 year old young man and was going to work.He had a family to support in Jaunpur (Uttar-Pradesh) and was the sole bread-winner of the house.He shared the room with 4 other people to save some expenses.i don’t know what his family would be going through  now.No one expected him to get him killed because of no fault of his own.

I never thought that just by ramming a two-wheeler into someone,can get that someone killed.I never heard or read such a news perhaps only too see it myself that day.

My family was always against driving a two-wheeler because they are never safe and if someone meets with an accident,the survival chances of that person is less than 5%! After last Wednesday’s incident,i have developed a phobia of riding a/on a two-wheeler.I have also started to regret driving before being eligible to do so.

Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Epilogue- After trying to enquire about the accident at the police station,i learnt that the case and the story had been twisted by the police personnel saying that the vehicle was a four-wheeler vehicle from the motor training school which drove into the man who was killed.since the vehicle had the learning to drive symbol,the reckless driver could not be charged under IPC!!! Nowhere here did i hear about those two teenagers.Police took advantage of the fact that it was not published by the local newspapers and manipulated the fact.

I am getting a shameful feeling for myself!!

A human life is a story told by God!

My First Cellphone…..[The Inception]

The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

When a 13 year old demands for a cellphone from his/her parents,the parents first try to analyse why their offspring came up to them with such a demand?the reasons might be :

  • His/her friends have it and to match their so called status.
  • to play games on it.
  • to make calls.
  • or simply to showoff.

Many parents try to gauge the pros and cons.If the pros victor over cons their demand is well met with and in no time a cellphone is handed over to the offspring And if not,they are very well left behind crying  for it with their cries turned to deaf ears.

My case was pretty different! I never cried for a cellphone. In-fact i never thought of carrying a cellphone.I had a couple of friends who owned a cellphone using them as a ‘show-off’ tool needlessly,forcefully!!whenever i used to see them attending phone-calls which mostly originated from their homes,i thought they just got a dogie-chain round their necks which was pulled every half hour by their parents.

As time passed,i started feeling myself lucky and developed a sour taste at the very own idea of owning a cellphone.Being the only lucky child of my parents,i enjoyed the invaluable gift of absolute freedom.That meant no needless grilling/interrogation/cross-questioning(all the 3 words mean the same).Just like a free-bird was i.but the only problem arose when my performance dropped in my studies.The best part of my life was i had my parents working in the kitchen in shifts cooking their best dishes as if they are competing for the ultimate ‘chef of the house’ title.I used to enjoy their cookery and when i noticed that the competition is getting a cold-feet,praise one of them in front of other and the fire is on again!!!

so coming back,being a free bird meant going out to roam for hours and hours exploring more and more area around my house.this area around my nest ranged from the clean industrial areas(i know it sounds like oxymoron but that’s the truth)  with unused roads and dirty,overpopulated slums around the industries to the hep high society area where every the life was totally different.something like ‘din dussehra,raat diwali sort off’.

Since i explored so many people and so many places,i made friends with all the three sects of people.Now to keep a good social life,more time had to be spent outdoors.since i had working parents and no one else to take care of me at my place,i used to go hiking to these places!Being a lonely child,i made friends.lots of friends and contacting each other required a contact number but still we never missed a cellphone.Our traditional methods did the job of a cellphone quite well.we used to decide a time and place to meet.If someone failed to turn up,send a search party for him which would either keep howling outside their bedroom windows or dragg him(generally its him in such cases) out of the house.Tis was the traditional way of calling a person very much unlike dialing 12 unique digits of numbers to sum up to 10 on the dialler which is done today.

If i had a cellphone at that point of time,i would have got constant calls from my parents which would have a harassing effect on me(the one like getting tele-marketing calls offering home-loans,personal loans and insurance.)thus disturbing my so-called social networking.

The good thing was even my parents thought the same that i did not require a cellphone.If i required to contact my parents,there was a fixed line available at my place.They even thought that i was incapable of handling a cellphone and taking care of it as i had managed to lose an antique camera.it was something unique and uncommon.It had the flap like thing at the center of the rectangle shaped box.when you opened the flap there was a small rectangle camera inside it with the lens larger than the small camera itself.

I was regular in signing up for the educational tours which were held in the diwali vacations by my school.In standard 9,the tour was of kerala, a southernmost part of India.whenever such trips arrived,more than me my dad used to be excited like as if he is the one going on the trips and not me.Mom,on the other side was a regular protester saying that is was a waste of money and that they were renting in on a week on anxiety.Dad was wiser than me and mom(sorry mom!).I did not realize then but i do now.Those trips have become milestones of my life, in my life.

A few days before Kerala,my mom became anxious,started worrying and wanted me to cancel my trip.she didn’t care about losing the entire trip cost which was non-refundable but she did not want anything bad to happen to me if i went to Kerala.

For this,dad devised a plan.he told mom that the i am not being sent on the tour but on the other hand,the story was different.he decided to get me a cellphone!!!.…to be continued.