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A fake uprising.

There is no such thing as a bad publicity

Since past few days, the JNU case is all over the Indian media. A JNU student who is the leader of All India Student Federation Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar revolted against the death sentence of Afzal Guru, hence protesting against the highest court of India, the Supreme Court.

This is indeed a serious issue since the whole of India’s foundation of its system was challenged to be in shackles of corruption.

My take on this whole issue is posted below:

Someone asked me if Kanhaiya Kumar is acting as a decoy just like kejriwaal for Congress to split votes.

He would be definitely acting as a decoy favouring the Congress and especially the Great Gandhi Parivar.

Before the JNU issue, if you remember, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi were having a trouble with the National Herald Newspaper case. They were charged with treason and the case is still underway.

While all the spotlights were on Gandhis, Kanhaiya Kumar walks in as a cool JNU student pursuing a PhD in African studies, its communitarian problems, slavery etc etc. 

It might have been a perfect PhD project to raise his voice against the Supreme Court of India( Since Afzal was convicted by Supreme Court) stating there is no freedom in India.

Kanhaiya Kumar by doing this proved an angel in disguise to the Gandhi’s, he also was charged with treason and sedition. The case being under way.

 The youth of this nation IS A strong force but can be easily lured into something which is not right and this is very dangerous.

What’s the impact of all this?

JNU students might face difficulties to get jobs since Kanhaiya Kumar and his puny team from the campus are representing the whole of JNU. Even if 95% students in JNU don’t support Kanhaiya Kumar, they would be dragged in to this mess and their future would have an impact. BJP who is doing an excellent job being the government ( compared to the Gandhi government in last 2 terms) would face a challenge getting elected again as the votes would be scattered just like it did when AAP came in power. Possibility of a major revolt which might break the nation. yes , that’s the worst case scenario.There are many other impacts which I might have not grasped yet but definitely there are always multiple angles to any political agenda/action.
Kanhaiya Kumar does have backing from strong people. While else do you thing would fund a good lawyer for him and the bail amount of 10,000 who is not from a well to do family?

There are political parties like CPI from Bengal offering him a seat. This action is obviously under CPI’s favour to gain some visibility and they are well aware Kanhaiya would refuse the offer.

Kanhaiya Kumar needs to be wise enough to make his decision and not end up like kejru who is now a floor mat at the Gandhi doorstep. Joining Politics is now his only way of survival and he always wanted to do this.(Political Science Grad).

He just got a grand debut for himself with JNU row. In politics, you get a successful opening by a controversy and politicians don’t recognize something as a bad publicity.

Other way round: Let’s for 1 minute  just believe what Kanhaiya Kumar is saying is true.
According to him, Supreme Court was manipulated to deliver an unjust judgement.
The government in power responsible for this was Congress. I do not say that it’s Congress and not the supreme Court’s fault.

Whosever fault it is, you cannot simply hold a nation wide protest stating this is wrong, it would impact in the breaking of the largest democracy in smaller nations like USSR.

People are waiting for this to happen so that they can accomplish things pending for over a long time now.

There is a more subtle way to express yourself, in such cases you just need to act quietly.

If the world knows there is no unity within our nation, we would be exploited once again by a foreigner like the British who took advantage of our divided mess.

United we stand, divided we fall…-Pink floyd-Hey you.

By the way, the British rule reminded me of an English guy whom I met on an online gaming chat room, I battered his pride of ruling us to ground.


Please do comment below, I would like to have a healthy discussion on this issue.

Next post from my end would be posted in 2020! 😂