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Parth’s First Drive.

A motor driving school will just get you a driving license, not the driving skill.

Driving. Someone’s skill, someone’s tool for livelihood, someone’s passion. In my Friend’s circle, ‘Almost’ everyone knows to drive a car and ride a bike at the same time. Someone who was not a part of this ‘Almost'(until this afternoon) is my source and inspiration for the following piece of scribbled words today.

Parth Soni.

(I am sure you won’t like the idea for me mentioning about you here, although you are my only ticket to escape the writer’s block today.)

We know each other since Grade 4 of our school which was 14 years ago, passed out school with the same academic scores, Sagittarians. We share almost the same physical traits (he is an inch taller while I am an inch wider and a gram heavier: p).

The point which I want to make here is we are similar, just that he is sharper and lazier than me. Lazy because we (our group blitz) all got our driving licenses issued as soon as we completed 18 years of our age and he didn’t.
As for being sharper than us, the following would explain it in a better way for you to understand.

I had been asking Parth to get a driving license from the time I got mine, but kept forcing him from last May as that was when we acutely felt its need. It was in November 2015 when he finally agreed to get his, and the auspicious date to visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) kept postponing itself due to various occasions (A family wedding, exams, job, birthdays…..)

Now, it’s a pretty tedious job to get a driving license today. You have to first visit the R.T.O website which is on maintenance break most of the times for getting an online appointment. If you manage to get through stage one of the process, you end up with a date which can be as late as 3 months just for the learner’s license. You can hasten the process by paying around 2-2.5 grands and get the learner’s license on the same day which is technically bribing the officials. Once you get the learner’s license, you cannot apply for permanent license in less than a month since 30 days have been given to you to practice with a registered driver guiding you through it. Also you have to pass a road signs quiz round which has multiple choices for you to answer. To pass this test you require 70% marks and there would be 20 road signs asked to you. Do the math yourself.

The Auspicious Day.
14th March 2016. I bunked college (A Professional at it) and Whatsapped Parth as soon as I woke up. Apparently he woke up 2 seconds after I messaged as a result of an annoying dream and I am not making this up, he dreamt about trying to ride my motorcycle and the annoying person was none other than me in his dream. I was yelling at him in his dream for riding my bike on half clutch which is quite nonsensical since I ride, pressing the clutch partially. Dreams are nonsensical and weird most of the times, refer to the movie ‘inside out’ for more details on how the dreams are made in your head!

I reached his place 45 minutes later. The first thing we did when we met was charge our phones. I had carried my power bank which we both shared. Once done, we left for the R.T.O which was a 15 minutes ride from Parth’s place. On our way we collected a road signs chart for Parth to pass the silly quiz.

Outside the R.T.O, we enquired about the online appointment procedure and the charges. Rates were exorbitant and stupid. If you want an appointment for 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler both, you need to pay up 200 rupees while only one out of them would cost you 100. There is no special or difficult procedure that has to be undergone by the agent in order to get you an appointment for both the types of vehicles, it’s just one extra box that they have to check while filling the form for which they are demanding 100 rupees more.

We managed to bargain with a young agent who had tied up with a lady sitting with an old fashioned desktop in an office opposite to the R.T.O. People who are equipped with technology do act a little weird and have an enormous ego. They feel there are somethings which only they can do and no one else in the vicinity. Although they know nothing, absolutely nothing.

This lady told us that it might take some time since the website was under a maintenance break and that if we were okay getting the appointment details in the evening. I was not happy with the delay since this was something I could have done myself on my laptop in no time without paying anything. After the confusion, she started filling in Parth’s details online but couldn’t get a drop down which didn’t allow her to proceed with the application. A technical glitch on which she spent almost 45 minutes with the application, called her techie who tried to solve the problem using team viewer, an application which can help someone access another’s Computer Via internet.

Finally, my patience ran out when I saw a vacant desktop next to her. I simply opened the website, managed to get the drop down she was looking for with a few clicks here and there. When I started using the desktop, she kept observing my activity with hatred in her eyes as if she was the only person around who was a computer literate. As soon as I got the solution for the technical glitch called ‘computer illiteracy’, she looked quite relieved with the hatred gone. Once we got our appointment and printouts, Parth did ask me to teach her to bypass the problem to which I answered that I wasn’t getting paid to teach, but she was.

He was quite amused and did suggest about we planning a startup about filling online forms and getting appointments to which I nodded.

We called back our friend Monit who had called us while we were on our way to R.T.O and decided our meeting point. He got his car giving a lame excuse of there being no fuel in his two wheeler. He does this sort of things which we call “His first world problems”. We decided to go to Aksa Beach on a drive. I was supposed to drop my Bike at my home and Parth wanted to drop his Original documents so we parted for a short while and then went on a drive together.
All along the drive Monit and I kept seeding the idea of driving in Parth’s mind, sometimes jokingly and sometimes seriously which Parth would dismiss stating he would wait for his license to arrive.

The Final Act.
While driving back home, Monit and I kept thinking about places where Parth can drive freely without worrying about traffic, cops or anything a driver has to be careful about while driving other than the mechanics and working of the vehicle. I must say it is quite a task to find such a place in one of the most populated City suburbs of the country, but our sharper friend Parth gave the solution to our problem. The Place where we initially met today was called “Shady” by us because there was a time when that road was a dead end with lots of trees around. Present day, the road connects to Borivali Link road and extends till the city’s limit. But there is still this huge cricket ground where no one comes. We drove there since it was the best canvas for Parth to explore the ABC (Accelerate, Brake, and Clutch) of the vehicle without the fear of incoming traffic or pedestrians or potholes or the speed breakers on the road.

A vast open ground for a driver is like a blank clean canvas for an artist on which he can imprint his deepest imaginations quite clearly.

Soon enough, Parth was on the driver’s seat behind the wheel. Preparing himself all along like a batsman prior to his turn on the cricket pitch. Incidentally we were on a cricket ground. Our batsman on the crease, fastening his seat belt like a batsman checks his knee pads. Getting his hands on the steering wheel like a batsman taps his bat on the crease and you know he is ready when the sound of bat talking the ground reaches your ear drums. It was kind of dramatic and exciting. Monit sat next to Parth like his non striker partner, ready to instruct him so that he delivers. In the meanwhile I was lodged in the backseat with my cellphone ready to record the next set of events about to unfold before us. Monit and Parth didn’t realize that I was recording the event, which made sure the first actions and reactions were 100% natural.

Finally after knowing which is which and what is where, Parth ignited the engine, Shifted the gear from neutral to first gear, and did a perfect clutch to acceleration switch without stalling the vehicle. Parth had just hit his first ball for a six.

The Visuals!

I was astonished and I am sure Monit was too. For someone driving a car for the first time, a perfect Clutch to Acceleration shift is pretty unnatural. The car has to stall if the driver is driving for the first time. You are obeying all the laws of physics and human nervous system by stalling the vehicle while driving for the first time. Parth shattered all the laws.
My Brain was not ready to accept this and as a result commanded Parth to apply the brakes immediately. Asking Parth to apply the brakes immediately was an involuntary act done by me since I was confused. Things didn’t seem natural for me, Stalling the car was natural which wasn’t accomplished. So I asked him to stall the car, by simply asking him to step just on the brakes.

If you apply the brakes on car till it achieves a speed less than 5Km/Hr without you stepping on the clutch, the car would stall, the engine would drop dead and you would have to re-ignite it. Parth did as I told him to, the car stalled, Things became natural for me and I stepped out of the car to record the car being driven by him on the large ground.

Parth drove efficiently, circling the ground 5 times. We asked him to drive straight on the cricket pitches so that he knows how to drive straight in a single lane. He did that as well to our surprise. He was like Virat Kohli today on an open fire mode with his Bat smashing the ball left right and center. With his sharp and logical head coupled with perfect reflexes, he managed to win the day. He also managed to get the vehicle on a pitch in a reverse mode. To my sheer disappointment, I managed to stall the vehicle while demonstrating him a reverse mode of the vehicle. This is when I realized that driving is just my skill while it would be growing into Parth’s passion in no time.

Finally after the driving session, we charged ourselves with some snacks and tea. Monit then drove to Parth’s place first to drop him.
Parth said to Monit that he had a great time today and that he truly enjoyed driving before getting off. I too had to get off so that I can occupy the seat next to monit which had just been vacated by Parth. Parth told me the same thing which be told Monit before getting off and added a Thank-you to it to which I replied, “Yeah, Fuck-Off with your thank-you.” He never has to thank us for anything, and never will we.

When we left Parth’s place Monit and I did discuss his “Thank-you” for a brief moment to which Monit said that, “It’s our duty to teach him driving, why would he thank us for that?” Words of wisdom from a child’s mouth was what I felt on hearing Monit’s statement to which I replied that we didn’t have a tough time teaching him. He already seemed to have had some training earlier which he actually didn’t.

I am sharing the link for the first video, do plug in your headphones to hear the hilarious conversation.Click here to watch the video!

Signing of for now, please do comment. I like talking. :p



Edit 1: I made too many grammatical mistakes earlier since I was writing at around 3am last night. Apologies for the same.


A message to THe world by a first class FAILed student!

I received this message on the ‘Dooms’ day when Our higher secondary certificate results were declared.this message is originally written by one of my best friends in Frustration and in a fit of anger!

Today everyone in my family and relations are sad…

They all had high hopes and great expectations from me..

I have shattered their dreams for and about me…….and now i m afraid to face them…….why does it always happens to me only??

In secondary school certificate examination i got 1% less for 80%

and in Higher secondary certificate i got 3% less for 70%

and people were never happy with me,

neither then,

nor now!

this day i promise whatsoever may come in my way  one day i will stand on the top of this world..and people will remember me by my deeds i did and not my marks i scored..

One day will come when an average child scoring 50% will get an admission to top colleges without the need to support  corruption….

One day This cut-throat competitive world would start believing in clean competition one……

this revolution will surely take place and we would ignite it!

people like me who have scored less marks me in higher secondary certificate should be proud that we successfully overcame this obstacle……

we must not judge ourselves with the marks….we have something unique  in us that has made us touch this milestone………..

Even Bill Gates was a 50-60% Scoring child…..then too he has made it to d top of d world……

Best of luck for the days ahead…

think positive

be positive..