My Two-Wheeler Saga.

||4 wheels move the body, Two wheels Move the soul||

On the occasion of my 2nd anniversary of my Motor-cycle, I am writing a couple of lines because i cannot stay without my bike, and hopefully my bike cannot without me!

On 22nd of February 2015, I was handed over the keys of my motor-cycle Honda CB Trigger and today we are completing two years together which is quite an occasion for me given the ups and down we have been through.(Wont discuss the negatives today).


We as a family were not having a vehicle for a long time, the last we had was our Maruti 800 which was sold off in 2013 December. Now a vehicle is a necessity more than a need and that I had realized a  long time ago.

I had started working in may 2015 and by December I had surplus savings. Now when you have that kind of money with you, you start analyzing your needs and requirements in detail. A vehicle was my need since I used to borrow my friends Nimesh and Manish’s bike/scooter to go around sometimes.

Also when you dont have your own vehicle but know to ride everything, you are in bad books of people as they consider you freeloaders( Or phuktya in marathi which i prefer.) I realized it 2 years down the line after having my own motor-cycle, I see such people around me all the time.

So the bottom line was, I needed a vehicle! The question is which type and which make/model?

Selection process. (going through the options)

I had learnt to drive a 4 wheeler vehicle before a two wheeler motor cycle with gear(Activa is a scooter with a motor so I dont consider it something difficult to learn, although I rode an activa when i was 15 years of age.) Now this is highly unlikely because usually its the other way round, People usually learn the motor cycle first and then cars.

So naturally my first option was to check out a new 4 wheeler in my budget and the only one fitting in it was the Tata Nano. A 600 cc 4 wheeler with a good ground clearance and space inside for tall people like me( My Friends and cousins consider me short.)

Also, I had to take a small loan for the same from my parents, which was more or less defeating the purpose of my self sufficiency, and then there comes a question of maintenance and petrol, when there is a car in question and you in middle class category, you cannot freely take a car for a spin anytime you want. There are expenses and raised eyebrows when you think of doing that. In cases of motorcycle, It doesnt matter that much. At a maximum, you can only end up blowing one litre of petrol at one casual stroll which doesnt cost a bomb.

After Nano was a BIG Nono, we turned our eyes towards the two wheeler category which is a hot one in automobile sector. We started considering the first and the best option that almost every household/individual/company considers when they think of buying a two wheeler, the Honda Activa.

A 110cc engine with lots of of space to carry luggage and a compartment to store helmet, as well as very easy to ride and costs a little over rupees 60,000. I wanted to buy this one since dad had it earlier and he liked a scooter. 

But he told me that since it was my first motor cycle, i should go for a geared one. Activa is automatic and doesnt require much of an effort. Once you ride and get used to it before a geared motorcycle, you will not be able to ride a geared one ever. You become kind of complacent towards a geared one.

I knew how to ride both, a geared and an automatic but what he said to me made sense. Also a geared motorcycle will have better comfort levels for a long ride and better suspensions which will save your back.

Suzuki had launched a new geared motorcycle named Gixxer which was a pretty sporty looking model with twin nosed exhaust,although a single unit. We also had a test ride for the same but the rear seat was kinda very small for the pillion comfort. Also dad quoted that “You on this bike look like a horse riding a donkey”. That compliment was enough for me to drop the idea.

That was it, we started looking at other alternatives, Honda Unicorn is another two wheeler which is a best seller, motorcycle dealer have become filthy rich selling honda activas and unicorns. But the problem with this bike is, it still has analogue speedometer and one trip meter. An outdated model but still stands to be a best seller.

We did consider going for Royal Enfield classic 350 a.k.a The Bullet, but its an over-hyped vehicle with pathetic quality and after sales service. It reminds me of the Blackberry smartphones which weren’t smart enough as well as over priced useless devices.

The selection process started from December 2014 till February 2015.

Final Decision.

We locked our choice to Honda CB trigger which had disc breaks for both the wheels, comfortable seating posture and a 150 cc engine. It is a commuter bike and be called to be the first cousin of Honda Unicorn.

Honda Trigger was a forever attempt of Honda to replace CB unicorn model with an updated vehicle, they launched Unicorn Dazzler which failed, then they launched CB trigger which kinda failed as well and finally they launched a 160 cc engined model of unicorn which failed pathetically as well. The CB unicorn is a tried and tested model over past decade and people love it.

CB trigger which i booked on February 2015 in pearl red colour is quite a muscular looking slight sporty bike. After giving it much of a thought i went for it.

I got the delivery of this bike in a week and I was quite happy riding it around. It was quite an attention catcher and people used to ask me about my bike as they were curious.


Currently I have ridden my bike for a good 17,000 kilometers and it still is a pleasure riding as well as sitting as a pillion.

The feeling of owning a vehicle is a great one. If you are using one of your parents vehicle. You do not have to ask for permission to go anywhere, You can have it at your own disposal any time.

Also you do not require to ask anyone for the same and a two wheeler now I feel is a must for every household. It makes life easy, saves a lot of time and a hell lot of money. You do not have to depend on auto rickshaws or wait for the bus.

When I got the Bike, My main motive was to complete as much kilometers as possible. You must be thinking that is the stupidest thing to do, you are using it too much which would result in quick wear and tear. If not this, then you must be agreeing to the fact that covering as much distance as possible is a good thing to do.

I will point out both the possibilities for you and make things easier to understand starting with the latter possibility first.

I had seen Nimesh using his bike to the maximum and he ended up covering 30,000 kilometres in 2 years wandering around everywhere from Panvel to pune in the South,Asangaon and Igatpuri to the east and Dahanu in the north, all on his motorcycle.

While other people thought it was insane to go on such long rides on a bike, i was always around people who loved biking and covered that distances. I know people who have gone to Daman on activa from Mumbai. One of my friends has been to Goa on bike which is quite a task to even think of such a crazy idea. But people do it and this is the age to do it.

So to make myself accustomed to long distance rides, I started with giving lifts or pick up drop services to a few friends staying at charkop as well as at Panvel. The novelty of a new toy did boost my enthusiasm to do such things, Touching Panvel and coming back in an evening, Thats just 120 Kilometres in a matter of couple hours. This was the latter possibility of covering as much distance as possible and getting accustomed to biking.

Just like the kid who demands for painting kit and aspires to become a great painter one day.

The former possibility of me being foolish of Abusing my vehicle for no good reason by travelling insanely on my bike, well I have seen people doing that. You keep riding it and pay very less attention towards its maintenance.The bike is bound to be abused and screwed up. As for me, I had a job and a steady income when i bought the bike. I used to fill my tank up to the tank lock once every 20 days and acted like a gypsy.

After I quit my job, I could not keep asking for fuel allowance every now and then from my folks, so My biking was reduced considerably. Also I lost the novelty of going around on a bike, especially long distances.

I think a car is a better way to go in a group and comfortably although its an expensive affair.

A motorcycle is the best option to roam around in Mumbai quickly, And I use it for the same currently. So the usage is now at optimum.

Also learning different routes was a hobby for me, Not that its important for you to learn the routes after the arrival of google maps but it still helps.

The photos attached below are from Virar. Yes, I have taken my bike to my college in virar as well .

After 2 and a half years, when I look at the motorcycle market, I cannot find a perfect replacement for my current bike. One hell of a kind and I am in a serious relationship with it. During the purchase, I told to myself that I am going to use this bike just for two years and then replace it with a new one. But now I cannot even If I can, You tend to become materialistic towards such things which I feel is a good thing and only a person who owns a vehicle will understand what it is like. I thought I would be freely able to lend my bike to anyone who asks for it since I have borrowed bikes from my friends in the past. But now I find it quite difficult to lend it and I do it out of past obligations.

“Today you are sharing your vehicles, tomorrow you will share your wives amongst yourselves- Mom”.

She can be crude and pathetic at times, but I kinda agree now with her. You cannot expect your Book, your Vehicle, and your spouse to return to you in its original condition ever after being borrowed by someone, Even if it is in its original condition, it will always be in your head that some setting or adjustment that you had made has been changed.

Thankyou for spending your valuable time in reading my post, I look forward to keep my blog updated on regular basis.

Please do share your views by commenting on this post.

P.S: I have delayed this post by 5 and a half months, it requires real patience to sit and write something.





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