200th War Win for Blitzzz!


Congratulations Brothers on our 200th war win!! I am really happy and excited that we achieved a milestone which is quite rare for a clan in this game. If you are reading this, and you are a member of this clan, you have played an important role in this success story.

Since the inception of this clan 22 months ago, I have been active and now I seek a vacation from this game. I am stepping down from my duties and dividing it amongst you all. Though there won’t be any changes in the position I hold, just that I am just a titular head now. It’s upon you guys to take it to 300 war wins. Don did it in a year, I did it in 10 months, let’s hope we reach her earlier than before.

Congratulations once again, this is the clan mail that wouldn’t fit in the game mail so I am posting this here.

Following is the journey to the 200 war wins in detail and is a lengthy abstract. Read only if you have time ( from clashing). This would consume 10-15 Minutes of your life if you really want a quick flashback from DON and DxA’s view for Blitzzz. (Some secrets spilled out too!!)

This is the first part, second part would be published only on demand.

Inception(the beginning).

Don, skuller and Monit started playing Clash of clans in early 2014. I was aware of the game but didn’t have a smartphone which supported this game. The trio were in a Lebanese clan named TirashRash which still exists, although we are not too far behind of them.They are at 228 war wins.(Do the math, we have a way to go!)

Since they were accustomed to the Game well before us, they managed to learn a few tricks of the game like the dragon attack or not rushing the town hall. Skuller learnt it the hard way by rushing his townhall directly to townhall 7 so that he gets the dragons, but he had to pay a huge price for it.

Monit always struggled at the game, was thrown out if Tirash Rash since he was unable to perform( he still doesn’t perform though :p). He was banished from the clan Kingdom408( 280 war wins, series of feeder clans under its wings). Now has quit the game. Looking at the behavior of the clan, DON had thought of starting our own clan, but three people don’t make a clan.

In June, I finally got a smartphone ( My Mom got one). On June 11th 2014, Don created a Clan Blitzzz with 4 members in it. You might have noticed that my ingame name is DxA@Blitz and there are two z’s short in it. The reason for this is Our clan was supposed to be ‘Blitz’, but there were too many clans with that NE and the concept of clan tag was not introduced then so to avoid the confusion and making it easy for us to find the clan, Don made it Blitzzz.
Smart DON.


I would call this to be a rough road, recruitment is not easy. Why would someone join your newly started clan? Instead just start ones own new clan rather than joining and following a new leader.

We began with recruiting random members from around the globe.We were just recruiting anyone to achieve the minimum number of members required for The First Clan War to commence.It was tough managing wars as timezones differed for the members in a clan.

After a few wars, we assembled a steady war team ,there were people always leaving but it didnt matter much, figures of attrition were under control.

One fine evening we promoted a member(foreign player) to the post of co-leader as we felt he deserved it.However, this player promoted his friend named Poseidon to co-leader and this notorious guy kicked everyone from the clan Reducing us to just Blitz(Monit, DxA, skuller and DON).

We were shocked and angry when we realised what had actually occured only by the following morning.We couldnt invite those players back as the clan-chat in clash of clans was our only mode of communication.

Then we decided that we will recruit only Indians and those people we know followed by making strict promotional rules. We also got everyone;s contact numbers to create a group on whatsapp. We safeguarded the clan after burning our hands.

DoN got his college friend to join the clan- Warlord.

I had spread the word in my neighborhood, Horror devil, Suyog, Ravi, Adhyayan, Hacking Clash and Sameer started the game since it was a word of mouth kind of thing to them and the idea of playing as a team was quite powerful enough. Everyone hooked quickly and joined Blitzzz. Everytime we met, we heard the Supercell theme(ascending piano keys) from each other’s cell phones. I shut my Music and Sfx :p

Suyog brought in Sagar, his college friend.Sagar brought in prithvi.

I also had to recruit from global chat. My first good recruit was ‘ Tariz, the titan’. He was a nice little chap from United kingdom. I had literally upsold Blitzzz to him. This guy had spent 40,000 gold and started a new clan of his own for which he was recruiting on Global. I convinced him to join our clan and grow together.

(This is the carrot that I usually offer on global) :p. It took me 40 minutes to convince this guy but he finally joined the clan.

Along with Tariz, came his cousins. I remember just the notorious one named Raven. I’ll mention about him later in this post.

Warlord got zeptec and his cousin staying in Bhandup to play this game. Sumit Dada came to the game along with his building mates. Sanyam is one of those who is still in the clan and is doing really well.

That reminds me, Sanyam is promoted to a Co-leaders post for his achievements in wars and donations.

We also have one a star player who was searching for Indian clans. He found Blitzzz open and he joined it. Jeet007 whose consistency is unparalled since th6. With him came along his classmates Jay,tanvir, dhananjay,dhir, Eminem, veer and his brother CR7Om.

Cr7Om also has is own clan named ‘We friends’.

Monit’s classmates GodsOfWar joined the clan. After a long time Shubham(Goku), Rtz,and rishi joined. GodsofWar and zeptec are the notable players here. Widow maker was a dynamic addition who heard about us from GodsOfWar. Widowmaker is a strong contender of the title ‘The Clan Legend’ which was formerly upheld by GodsOfWar.

Also Monit’s building mates Mithun and harsh were in the clan for a brief moment, but things unfortunately didn’t work out before he rejoined the clan.

In 2015, when I went to my native place, I casually asked my brother Vikipi if he played the game to which he responded positively. I invited him to join us and after a week he did join us along with his cavalry. The rest left but he is still with us going strong helping me make my decisions.

The Journey:

If I had to use a graph to represent our journey with time and success on x and y axis respectively, we would get a rising slope steady with time for first 6 months followed by a peak for 18 months and then the down fall till now.

I am not saying that we are performing poorly, although the last few updates have screwed up the game pretty bad with it becoming difficult to get a decent loot easily.

Also Clash Royale made us realize that supercell and others like them would keep getting new games and change the rules and gameplay to benefit them in the long run. Updates and changes are not always good.

The first year, under DON’s leadership we built a steady clan with permanent members. Don gave his 100% and it was a real fun game with we discussing wars, attacks donations and upgrades. Warlord and DON quickly became the best townhall for a war while the rest followed on.

Leaders used to get strategies from top players and it was a learning experience for all. Off course the bonding increased and we all became addicted to this game.

The Good.
Don, Warlord, sumit dada were the consistent players.

Don has the most stars in the clanwars as he has been in wars since war was introduced in clash of clans. He currently needs just one star to complete his 1000th War star achievement.

Then came along GodsOfWar who showed us that even a townhall 9 can be three starred. He is the clan legend and took the clan to the peak of its success

His friend Widowmaker, joined in a bit late but is as good as him. Currently he along with Jeet and Vikipi are the reasons of Blitzzz winning wars.

Sanyam and grimlock rose up from the ground level and now perform in wars. To be honest, Sanyam is a bit irritating due to his questioning behavior, I am fine with it cause he makes good use of the knowledge he gets by asking. His donations are good this season and leaders do feel his should be promoted.

Suyog and sagar were once the supporting pillars of Blitzzz. Suyog returned but sagar quit the game altogether. Horror devil, my back up in virtual and real worlds is always there around. He never quit liked the game but he played on because of me.

The Bad:

Starting from Raven, he got his hands on Tariz’s game and made him leave the clan. Raven started a new clan, progressed rapidly, kept coming in and out in the clan but was kicked regularly.

Mithun, always went for the loot in the wars, performance dull, abusive in nature and kinda useless.

When I kicked him, he was got in by his friends in the clan. He was in the war from and it war preparation time. He simply opened his base to get 3 starred by the enemy, abused and left. I Remember not talking to Monit for two days over this incident, after which we came to know it was harsh who got him in again.

You must be wondering why Mithun is in the bads while he did perform recently and was in the clan

Check the confessions part  in the next part for more info.

Ravi, my best friends younger brother, my younger brother , younger by 7 years.
Always wanted to go for loot, once warlord opposed and there was a huge fight in the clan. Result? He left the clan and started complaining about it to Suyog, Hacking Clash, Horror devil, Sameer( my area friends).

Things were getting bad, when I decided to help them start a new clan of their own, I did this by asking Horror devil to start one. He started Friends India, Suyog, Ravi,Sameer, Hacking Clash went along with him.

It was a really heart breaking act, from the insides, we were halved down in strength. I blames warlord for sometime for this. When there is a fall, you often want someone to blame. Warlord was that someone for me, although warlord was right and I was wrong.

Sagar did not leave the clan to be with his classmate Suyog, we still adore this fact. Warlord feared me leaving the clan and joining friends India because those were my area friends. Clash of clans at that point started the change in ‘your village name’ and I had asked if I should remove the ‘Blitz’ in my name. To which Warlord responded if I was going to friends India.

A childish behavior triggered these regrettable acts.

…Interesting Part in the Next part!!

    • DoN
    • April 4th, 2016

    Amazing story..Eagerly waiting for the second part 🙂


  1. Wonderfully drafted..Release the confessions part asap 😛


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