My First Car!

‘The future for me is already a thing of the past -You were my first love and you will be my last’-Bob Dylan

Hey there, I am back once again to blogging after a really very long break. I feel like I have lost my creativity and have exhausted my vocabulary stock! Till now, my auto-correct option has corrected 5 words I used above!(That’s really pathetic!) But I am quite sure that things come back to me as soon as I touch my pen to the paper!
I have a very interesting tale to tell! So without much I do,( I know I have already done enough) I beginn!( Haven’t I used “I” a lot of times? Not good,signs of selfishness :D)

maruti-800_1“My first car”! What comes across your mind when your eyes go through those three words!? Pleasant memories!? If you smile sweetly reading those three words, then yes, they are definitely your pleasant memories! But if you first wince a little, then start laughing and then all of a sudden your mood changes completely, you have some really emotional and crazy stuff attached to those three words!

I belong to the latter class of people mentioned above!
When I was 14 years old(that is in 9th grade) mom and dad were keen on getting a vehicle for themselves! Dad did not know driving so first he underwent a 30 day driving course at the local motor training school and acquired his LMV(light motor vehicle) driving license. In diwali, one of my cousins helped dad buy a used white coloured maruti-suzuki 800 and delivered it to our place. We were so very excited at the beginning that we finally got a car for ourselves. It still remains a big achievement to buy and maintain a 4-wheeler for the middle class people of our country.
I don’t exactly remember for how many days did dad exactly drove the vehicle for! Most of the times it used to be parked 8 floors below our flat! Dad used to stay at office for almost the entire day, so no chance of making use of his driving license and his vehicle! His office was in town and we reside in suburb so no question of taking the vehicle to office,trains are the best bet! Mom was not interested in making her license and driving, nor did anyone encourage her for the same( Men do dread lady-drivers, what cooking is for men, driving is for women even though some men excel in cooking and a very very very few women excel in driving :p ) I was not at all in the picture as I was just 14 and a 3/4th of a year while 18 years of age is required to apply for driving! But I could not see our vehicle being neglected so badly!
Since my parents used to be at work the whole day, I used to be at home with my granny. I started taking the keys of the vehicle without anyone knowing about it and used to sit inside it listening to music or involved in my deep thoughts or sometimes doing completely nothing. I did this for almost 10 days and this became a routine. Soon I was bored of it and wanted to do something else. So I started cleaning the interior of my car. I did this for a week. Then there was absolutely no dust for me to clean so again i resumed my routine of simply sitting in the vehicle. I wanted to drive the vehicle real bad, but it was illegal, plus my parents won’t agree to it and I was too scared to disobey them. For the next four days, I gathered some courage, referred youtube for hours on driving and then finally when I gathered enough courage, I hit the iron hard since it was hot!
I ignited the engine! Quite too scared to hear the engine roar so I quickly shut it down before anyone could spot me! Then quietly sat there thinking if I should go for it or no! Is it right or wrong and stuff like that. Finally letting fate to decide somethings, I ignited the engine again, shifted the gear from neutral position to 1st and slowly released the clutch allowing the vehicle out of the parking spot. But since I had no idea of timing the clutch and accelerator, I left the clutch and before I could accelerate the vehicle stalled with a loud jerk! I was too nervous to think about anything else, so I quickly put the gear in the reverse position, ignited the engine and hurriedly brought the vehicle back to its initial position, the parking space! I locked the vehicle and rushed back home. To my surprise, I didn’t notice when I was in a timid state that I had parked the vehicle pretty well, my clutch to accelerator timing was perfect and I didn’t stall the vehicle this time. I realized all this only the next day when I recollected the events that took place on day 1. The thought that I did well boosted my confidence ultimately resulting in a day 2.
I didnt even notice that it is 3am in the morning and i have to wake up in a few hours to do some household chores.
Signing out with a promise that i would continue the tale. Till then, stay put!

The best state of the art vehicle is not responsible for an excellent journey, but the driver of the vehicle is..-Mukesh Prabhu

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