Being the sole-witness to a Freak Accident…

All human plans [are] subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one preferred to call the powers behind the Universe.” 

You don’t witness an accident everyday unless you are the motorman of a train in India! Being the only one present at the spot of accident is scary.Something similar i  experienced last Wednesday.A detailed account of the same follows these words.

Early morning of last Wednesday,i was trying to wake myself up since 3am so that i could complete my physics journal and get it certified on time as the next day i had my practical exams,and without a certified journal no one in the physics lab would entertain me.After almost 12 snoozes of 10 minutes each,i finally woke up at 5am and without even brushing my teeth i rushed to my study.The great Indian Education System makes you do such things often!With this thought did i start scribbling in my journal,drew two axes on a graph to plot my readings.

Mom,by this time is usually awake.Surprised to find me out of the bed before her,she sat up in the bed wondering what was i doing without questioning.Suddenly,faint shrill noises could be heard by us from outside the window since the window being open and the freshly dawned morning being silent,things could be clearly heard.

It took around 15 seconds for my brain to register the cries.I was too much into my graphs.I ignored them as i thought that it might be those groups of hooligans speeding on their bikes. o the newly constructed road adjacent to our building.But the cries continued..

I turned towards mom,who by now was well awake and aware of  the noise audible.She had a question mark on her face and signaled towards the window.We rushed towards the window to see what we had never experienced on the road below our house.

My eyes showed me a girl in her late teenage years sporting a yellow top with a blue jeans and a bag pack.She was screaming at the top of her voice.We started wondering whats going on and why this female is screaming early morning?! Turning my gaze,i saw a young boy sitting in the middle of the road near the divider.That was even more confusing now and i started to lose my patience.Whatever i saw was not making sense until my eyes showed me the last and the bigger piece of the puzzle.

The girl paused her screaming for 5 seconds and bent down to a person lying on the road to shake him vigorously only to get no response from him.Now the picture was clear and all my doubts vanished.An accident had occurred early morning injuring a person seriously.

After 5 mins, a group of people (mostly joggers) gathered around the girl,someone ran towards the auto-rickshaw stand and directed the driver towards the spot.They lifted the man and put him the the auto and rushed him to the hospital.

All this while,i simply kept watching what was happening.I could have been of great help being the first witness but i didn’t dare to go to the injured man and offer my help.

  • Firstly,i had to complete my journal which was of utmost importance to me and our Education system doesn’t allow us to care about a dying man before our studies!
  • Secondly,i knew whatever i would get to see down would affect my entire day turning it futile and at this stage i cannot afford wastage of days.
  • Lastly,i didn’t want myself to get involved into a police case and get interrogated by them needlessly.

All the above reasons do summarize that i was a coward,and this feeling would haunt me for the rest of my life!

After the injured was rushed to the hospital,i gathered some courage to step down on the road to the accident spot.I was curious to know what exactly had happened but fortunately and unfortunately no one knew what had happened and how serious was the man injured.People had freshly gathered at the spot and had a blood-pool where the man lay earlier,a damaged kinetic Honda with two teen-aged boys in their custody.The boys were of 15 and 13 years of age respectively.They had borrowed the vehicle from their friend to drive without the fear of cops hauling them for driving without the licence.They were speeding because the roads were free of traffic and they had the roads for themselves.While doing so they failed to notice a newly constructed speed breaker and made the vehicle jump from the breaker curve.They lost their control over the vehicle and failed to apply breaks,after covering a distance of 60m with their out-of-control-vehicle they ultimately ramming it into the man killing him on the spot.YES,even before anyone of us could start praying for him,he breathed his last the very moment he met with the accident due to a serious injury to his head.One could easily make this out after seeing the person from the distance of 60m and at a height of 12m from the ground i.e. from my house window.

Thinking that the boys would be booked for rash driving,driving without licence and murder under the Indian Penal Code,sending them to juvenile homes and their parents facing trials and punishments on their behalf,i left the spot.

Whereas for the person who was killed was a 22 year old young man and was going to work.He had a family to support in Jaunpur (Uttar-Pradesh) and was the sole bread-winner of the house.He shared the room with 4 other people to save some expenses.i don’t know what his family would be going through  now.No one expected him to get him killed because of no fault of his own.

I never thought that just by ramming a two-wheeler into someone,can get that someone killed.I never heard or read such a news perhaps only too see it myself that day.

My family was always against driving a two-wheeler because they are never safe and if someone meets with an accident,the survival chances of that person is less than 5%! After last Wednesday’s incident,i have developed a phobia of riding a/on a two-wheeler.I have also started to regret driving before being eligible to do so.

Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Epilogue- After trying to enquire about the accident at the police station,i learnt that the case and the story had been twisted by the police personnel saying that the vehicle was a four-wheeler vehicle from the motor training school which drove into the man who was killed.since the vehicle had the learning to drive symbol,the reckless driver could not be charged under IPC!!! Nowhere here did i hear about those two teenagers.Police took advantage of the fact that it was not published by the local newspapers and manipulated the fact.

I am getting a shameful feeling for myself!!

A human life is a story told by God!

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