We have been watching a lot of old people around us with their health problems growing along with age.But we hardly feel their problems and what they are going through in their age and time.A person can only understand the situation when he/she irrespective of gender gets into the character or is facing the same situation.I know this article till now is a bit boring so I come to the interesting part which is the main point so as to why i am writing this one.

A couple of weeks back we decided to go for a pilgrimage visit to on of the most devoted temple of MUMBAI which is the Siddhivinayak temple at Mahim.The devotees who visit the temple on Tuesdays mostly plan to go on their foot instead of taking a means of transport and walking up to the temple is considered a feat by those who never tried a shot at it.I was one of them untill i tried the feat myself!

I had completed the journey twice before a crazy idea struck me.In my last two walking journeys,i had my soft cushioned Reebok covering my tender feet.But this time i just dropped Reebok outta my trip! The reason for this were my fast approaching 12th board i with a few neighboring friends decided to hit the roads on a monday at around 9pm so that we can reach the temple the next day and attend the  first prayer(aarti) which is chanted at 5am on tuesdays.devotees from all over Mumbai are seen walking the roads towards the temples so you don’t feel that it’s a dead night.

Usually for the last two times i had left my house at 11 pm in the night to reach the temple by 4-4.30 am in the morning but this time i decided to leave early as i knew that I wont be able to keep my pace constant so even if i crawl i should reach my destination before 5am.The temple from my house is measured to be at a distance of 22.7 km according to Google maps which is not trusted by some of my friends!so it takes me a whooping six hours which is equal to an entire Monday night! so you walk even though your senses are sleeping.i feel my senses dead By the time i reach the temple gate!

So we left our homes by 9PM on monday evening barefooted and started walking towards the south.we had a good pace and reached the main road in a time span of an hour which is devoted to the Lord Ganesha on Monday night a thousands of devotees choose this road to reach the temple. On this road there are a lot of other devotees who serve the pilgrims with water,tea,glucose biscuits,lemonade which is the best thing about this pilgrimage.

In The first one hour we managed to reach the main road which goes straight to the temple and which is crowded by the people who walk from their homes as far as 100 Kilometers. Our feet intact till then.We kept walking with the crowd….sometimes overtaking them and some times left behind them.The most astonishment part about this trip is that its like an overnight hike which has a great turnout.Even the younger blood join in with their families to seek blessings from the lord of wisdom.We kept pacing ahead,drifted over the badly damaged roads and started feeling it on our tender feet but still…we didn’t stoP.Why we didnt stop? is still unknown to us! was it either devotion or the crowd that kept motivating us!We kept flowing with the crowd in the same direction from the where the light of hope and faith was being emitted.

AT around 1am we stopped at the MC’ DONALDS to have  our dinner.As soon as we rested our seat on the wooden furniture of McD,we felt our asses melt out on the seat flowing towards the floor.I hardly got up from my seat and asked my friend to get me something to eat.Whenever i went to McD I ordered a Mac MAHARAJA or a MAC chicken or a filet-o-fish.So I simply asked my friend manish to get me a Mac MAHARAJA as i was very hungry and a bit tired as well.But then it dawned me that i was going to the temple and was on a pilgrimage.So i asked him to get anything for me in Veg and a Coke float,a cola with vanilla ice-cream over it!We had our meal and within 15 minutes we lifted ourselves to get back on the road and repent for our lost positions to fall ahead of those who went much ahead of us!After McD,the roads displayed some mercy on us by rolling themselves smoothly on the rest of our journey!

We kept trod-ding the entire night .Near the popular sea-link, i saw a woman who was obese and carried a short stature.By the way by which she was walking i came to know that she had developed severe rashes on her thighs.she was walking with her two friends,a girl and a boy who were suffering similar conditions.i overheard her a part of their conversation which i felt was funny.She said “Once i reach home today i would switch my cellphone off,turn the air-conditioner on a high-speed cooling mode  and sleep till 1 to 2 pm tomorrow!” why i found this statement funny was because there were more 2 hours for us to reach the temple and this woman is dreaming about what she would do the next day!

We sped like any thing once we crossed the sea-link to reach our destiny.Pain kept suppressing us and we in turn kept suppressing our pain. The only way to kill the pain in our legs were to reach the temple as soon as possible.REverse was never an option in our minds! We were determined to complete what we had taken up to do.We covered the remaining distance with all they strength left in us!The condition of  our feet were deteriorating continuously.Blisters were getting formed on our feet constantly but we ignored it.

After an hour we reached the temple and rushed through the gates.the queue was a bit to long for us to wait and get the actual darshan(view) of the lord so we stood in the queue of the mukh(facial) darshan which we got to have in the next couple of mins!

Seeking the blessings of the God we lied on the floor of the temple premises itself.We were too exhausted to think what we were doing.After 15mins of rest we again started,This time for our home sweet home! It was difficult as getting a taxi from the temple to the nearest railway station was difficult but yet,we had to do it!

Feet numb,thighs paining like hell,knees broken apart,back stiff,rashes all over-inside-out of our body.Our condition was no less than an 85-year-old person and yet we were standing on our blistered feet with raised blood pressures and blood-shot tired eyes.we luckily got a taxi in which we dragged ourselves and set for the railway station.

Outside the railway station i found that we had to walk quite a was a walk of 5 mins and yet we felt that we had to walk another 22.7 kilometers.We kept dragging ourselves to the ticket counter and then to the platform.thankfully we didn’t had an FoB to climb again or else it would be like mountaineering for us!


In the train we saw many people going to their workplaces in neat and clean attire and ourselves in the totally opposite condition.Although they were used to meeting such people on their way every Tuesday morning.The compartment was empty so we felt free to stretch our feet and relax our already frozen muscles! I got a chance for completing my 40 winks in the train.I had a good half an hour nap and was woken up by the passenger who wanted the seat besides me.I thanked the passenger in my mind for waking me up as our destination was about to arrive in next couple of seconds.I woke my two accomplices up who were also taking a short nap.Slowly did we approached the door way and crawled towards the auto-rickshaw stand.Asking the driver we hoped into the rick towards our home-sweet-home.

The driver was young and pretty enthusiastic in the morning.But on a closer look to the driver,we learnt that he was an under-aged driver driving with pretty lot of mistakes but,who cared about it until we were taken home in faster then we could ever reached.He was helpless and so were we.

ON reaching home i took a hot water bath and dad offered me some my delight he had also got a soft drink for my.I relished the food and went off to sleep like a baby…..

God did bless us and showed us how he did..we came to know what our true potential as a team and as separate individuals was…mAy he bless the entire universe!

Ganpati bappa morya!!

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