My 64 year old country….!!!

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.
I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.

– Abraham Lincoln

64 years ago my country was ruled by white skinned people and my ancestors were their slaves! these white skinned people called themselves the Britishers.These Britishers had only one motive behind ruling us….was to loot us! Unlike other rulers who came,saw and conquered us to rule us and accept our traditions and cultures,to live with us in peace and harmony like those Six great mughal emperors starting from the great Babur to the mighty but still the great Aurangzeb.

The Britishers ruled us for almost 334 years(yes… that’s some serious period of ruling).In these 334 years the only thing they did was kept filling in their treasure chests in the beginning and then started carrying our treasure vaults along with them to their motherland England.They entered our land as traders and started producing,manufacturing and selling tea from India.then they started Interfering with the political matters of our country as the country was in chaos.and then turned into tyrannical rulers by breaking the unity among-st the Indian rulers!

Today we are independent and our country is free because of those Great men of our soil who loved their soil like anything,sharpened and shaped their ploughs to transform them into swords so that they could fight for their soil when it was required!But they were a bit too late to understand that unity had a lot of strength.We got our freedom but a bit too late!

In the past 64 years,we as a developing nation took on a lot of our British ruler’s attributes like using and developing the railways which is now 63000 kilometers long and is the second longest rail network in the world.We started using the English language extensively and now  the children of those englishmen who taught us the language fall behind in using it and knowing it correctly.We also picked up their shitting styles by changing our regular desi squat toilets and waters by their English commodes and toilet papers!We also took up their clothes to abandon ours in order to keep pace with them.Our traditional khaadi,kurta,dhoti and the turban are now replaced by t-shirts and jeans and a head scarf!these changes are indeed drastic and its disturbing to me as well!

This change started taking place when we started taking up the good values and knowledge from the west.But as we kept learning them  we came to know that they never accepted our styles and called themselves forwards.This started making our children anxious and we try to be them so that they can accept us? so that we can be as cool as them? who cares!!! It was them 400 years back who came searching for us just because they knew that we were the wise ones and had techniques and riches with natures gifts which no one had.They still are learning what are ancestors wrote,preached,preserved and practice.we got everything in our own land and still we are searching for knowledge in their lands?c’mon!! this is the biggest reason why India is rapidly losing its authenticity and uniqueness.

Britishers packed their bags and went home 64 years ago.But today we still are being ruled and exploited in the same way the Britishers did.the only difference is that these men are born and brought up in our own country.we call our nation democratic and republic but the ones whom we elect to rule and direct our country with the support of the tax we pay are filling their bank accounts and stashing all our money in their banks outside our country.This is why our ancestors fought to free our country so that their children could be ruled and exploited by their brothers and sisters?? are we Independent today and free in the right sense? the one who raises his voice against the current system is either beaten away to exile him or dumped away in some jail by booking him under “creating public nuisance act”.Is this the nation our ancestors dreamed of before shedding their blood? 

I personally dont think our country is currently flashing a “Free country” status! it might take another 64 years for our country to become totally free and Independent and might also take another 640 years if we still dont wake up to recognize what is real and what is not!


  1. hey…..posting after a long time…:)….well written!!!


  2. Fantastic views on that!


  3. I never thought of it that way, well put!


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