A message to THe world by a first class FAILed student!

I received this message on the ‘Dooms’ day when Our higher secondary certificate results were declared.this message is originally written by one of my best friends in Frustration and in a fit of anger!

Today everyone in my family and relations are sad…

They all had high hopes and great expectations from me..

I have shattered their dreams for and about me…….and now i m afraid to face them…….why does it always happens to me only??

In secondary school certificate examination i got 1% less for 80%

and in Higher secondary certificate i got 3% less for 70%

and people were never happy with me,

neither then,

nor now!

this day i promise whatsoever may come in my way  one day i will stand on the top of this world..and people will remember me by my deeds i did and not my marks i scored..

One day will come when an average child scoring 50% will get an admission to top colleges without the need to support  corruption….

One day This cut-throat competitive world would start believing in clean competition one……

this revolution will surely take place and we would ignite it!

people like me who have scored less marks me in higher secondary certificate should be proud that we successfully overcame this obstacle……

we must not judge ourselves with the marks….we have something unique  in us that has made us touch this milestone………..

Even Bill Gates was a 50-60% Scoring child…..then too he has made it to d top of d world……

Best of luck for the days ahead…

think positive

be positive..


    • Sujan
    • May 29th, 2011

    Hey thnks for publishng my msg…..u gud at editing….dis is condition of many like me today who r treated as failures by deir parents even though dey pass wid 1st class……dis shuld stp n vil stp….if v ll cum together ..


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