Diwali celebs!

yesterday was diwali as we all know,and i had a very special day!
most of us think that bursting crackers in diwali is the idea of the evening with our new clothes on!
But my idea is something very different.i would like to spend time on the comp,or just sit back home to spend time with my parents.
but yesterday was something altogether different for me.
i got up at around 8.30 to dad’s howling,then checked my mails and notifications on my mom’s cell just to get more pastings from my dad!
after a mild spat with my dad,i finally got out of my bed and got ready by 9.30(dad had told me to do so,he was taking me out somewhere without telling me where!that was annoying me the most!)
by 10am,we both got out of our home to go to the local temple first.
here we prayed for a fruitful day and waited for the bus to the nearest railway station.in the meanwhile, some people came to visit the temple,after praying to god,they exchanged wishes with my father and after a few seconds left for their paths.
a small girl with her little brother came to my father asking help to light up a candle as she wanted to burst some crackers in the temple vicinity.
Dad attempted to light the candle but failed to do so because the breeze was powerful enough to kill the burning candle.
Dad then asked me to get two tiles from the temple vicinity which were left out after renovating the temple,and made the candle to stand in one of the rail pillars of the temple.then covered the candle with the tiles all around it.joyfully the girl kissed dad and started lighting some noisy crackers…..(to be continued)

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